Long strip induction lamp DMK-K8PL

Short Description:

Long cabinet induction lamp, simple design, aluminum profile lamp body, the appearance is textured, fashionable and versatile. The PC light-transmitting lampshade is used for uniform light emission and soft light; three switch modes: ON and 0FF are always on and off, and the AUTO induction mode is that when people come in a dim environment, they will be bright, and they will go out about 20 seconds after walking.

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Application scenario:
Cupboard, wardrobe, Corridor, storage room, mirror lamp,play place, gifts to each ther.

Products description:

Plug standard Power/w Colour Wire length /m Battery capacity Color box gross weight/KG Product size/mm Carton size/mm Packing quantity/PCS Gross weight/KG
Micro-USB 1W white/yellow 0.5 200mA 0.055KG 100*23*17MM 490*240*450 200 11.6
Micro-USB 2W white/yellow 0.5 400mA 0.085KG 210*23*17 490*240*450 100 9.1
Micro-USB 3W white/yellow 0.5 600mA 0.12KG 300*23*17 490*325*450 99 12.8
Micro-USB 4W white/yellow 0.5 800mA 0.16KG 500*23*17 490*525*450 119 16.8

Long strip induction lamp DMK-K8PLsingle

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